The mission God has given us for Los Angeles is to see: fully formed disciples on mission. God’s master plan for earth is based on discipleship.

Let us break down each part of the mission, “fully formed disciples on mission”. Let’s start off with “on mission” and work our way back to “fully formed.”

On Mission:

We believe Jesus Christ gave the world His vision in Matt. 28:19-20, The Great Commission. Every disciple of Jesus is responsible to fulfill their portion of the Great Commission wherever they are in the world. Their “mission,” is to be actively involved in making disciples wherever they live, work, play, etc. When someone is “on mission,” their calling, geography, and gifts all intersect with the master plan of God. Our mission in Los Angeles is to make disciples, and get them “on mission.”


There are many definitions of the word disciple. The definition we’re going to use for a disciple is first and foremost a constant learner of Jesus. They have moved from hearing about Jesus to a decision to become like Him. They are learning and being changed by Jesus Christ everyday through relationship with Him and others.

The second part of a disciple is that they replicate; they make disciples. As seen in the Parable of the Sower, the 4th type of soil produced a harvest of 30, 60, and 100-fold. This is someone who has been changed by Jesus, who is now changing others to be like Jesus. A disciple will produce a harvest.

Fully Formed:

At the beginning of the mission statement we have the words, “fully formed.” This is an all-encompassing phrase that includes accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, being changed by Him in daily relationship and mission, and culminating in the biblical concept of abundant ZOE (or life). ZOE, which we will elaborate on later, is the abundant life that Jesus promised to us all in John 10:10.

So, to summarize: Fully formed, constant learners of Christ (disciples), on mission in Los Angeles.