Everyone has core values. These are values that define who we are. They are values that nobody can change. They lie at our core and give us meaning in life. On this page, are City of God’s Core Values. They define who we are: disciples in the process of finding our mission and becoming fully-formed like our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Our Core Values start with God and are about how He makes Us like His Son, they are God + Us.

The Lord Jesus Christ

The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit; He is all in all. He is the reason we have life. He is the Originator of everything.

Without Him there is nothing. We follow His leading in everything.

God’s plan of redemption requires human responsibility.

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Covenant is based on openness. Our covenant with God demands that we are open with Him and with each other. We love without hypocrisy.

We are not trying to hide or cover any of the truths, disciplines, or vocabulary of the Kingdom. It is plain and open for all to see.

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Being precedes doing. We are now “in Christ.” His life flows out of our life.

If we have truly identified (being) ourselves as “in Christ,” then our behavior and environments (doing) will change.

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A disciple is the backbone of God’s vision. A disciple is: a constant learner [of Jesus], one who makes disciples, and one who has eternity in mind.

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Lifelong. Lifestyle. Vessels that uphold the test of faith (Spirit),  integrity (soul), and time (body).

If you cannot make relationship with Jesus a lifelong, lifestyle then you are not living sustainably.

Jesus is the sustainer of life.

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We live to give everything to God and others as He leads.

The tithe belongs to God through His storehouse. Everything else is available for Him to use and us to sow. Our life is an offering, ready to be poured out for God’s will.


Every person is unique and significant to God’s vision, when we are on mission.

When we find Jesus and our identity in Him, we find our mission and our significance in the Kingdom.