We love children! At C-Kids we provide a secure, nurturing, and fun environment, where kids learn about Jesus. Every week our team equips families to help lead their children as they discover and develop a faith in God.

All kids classroom and activities take place in our C-Kids classrooms. We offer creative and fun experiences for children in every age group.

See below for age breakdown and C-Kids Guidelines.

C-Kids - Littles (6 months - 2 Years)

Our goal is to provide a loving environment that is not only safe, but also God-centered. We believe that even the youngest ones can learn about Jesus in a fun and creative way. Our Littles Team is dedicated, equipped and ready to partner with you and your child as he or she takes their first steps towards discovering Jesus.

C-KIDS - Big (k-5th)

The C-Kids BIG have a ton of fun, learn how to develop Godly character and become followers of Jesus Christ. Learn about the love, faithfulness and power of God from interactive, visual Bible lessons that utilize a cool mixed-media format. Experience fun games that support the lesson. Work on fun projects that encourage creativity and help reinforce the lesson.

Wellness Guidelines

At C-Kids, we strive to offer a safe, clean and fun environment for your children to experience God.

1. We use natural, green and non-toxic cleaners in all our classrooms.
2. We only offer natural and organic snacks in our nursery and toddler classrooms.
3. Children and C-Kids Team members must be fever and symptom free for 48 hours before entering C-Kids.

Volunteer Guidelines

All C-Kids Volunteers and Staff have gone through an extensive background check and interview process. The people taking care of your children are trusted and want to be a support to your children as they discover and develop a faith in Jesus.

Classroom and Restroom Guidelines

Children are never allowed to leave the classroom without adult supervision, and all children, nursery through sixth grade, must be picked up by an adult after service with their matching security tag provided at check in.

The children in our care are always accompanied by one of our adult volunteers, but our volunteers never take a child to the restroom alone. Men do not assist young children in the bathroom stall or change diapers.